Information systems for digitalisation of TV stations' agendas

Client need

The client saw an opportunity in the digitalisation of the TV stations' agendas.

We are very proud of the portfolio of products we have developed for TV stations through our client Minex Media. The client saw an opportunity in the digitalisation of the TV stations' agendas, where a large part of the processes relied and still rely on the transfer and storage of data using emails, phones and excel spreadsheets. Word was given and a successful collaboration was born.

Our solution

Ideologically, the project was a web-based information system, which was to grow over time with additional modules, as made to use our NAIS framework.

TV stations

and more...

This is exactly the type of project we built it for, and over time we were able to take advantage of all its strengths - modularity, great code reusability, and at the same time great flexibility for developers to deal with very specific processes within TVs.

Design and implementation of a web-based information system using the NAIS framework.

At the same time, we were able to technically connect with other information systems that handle follow-up agendas across the technology spectrum - from APIs to custom DB views.

Final result

The final goal of our efforts was and is to digitize the entire process of selling advertising on television.

The first module

A big challenge for us was to find the points of contact in the processes of different TVs - our implementation is always tailored to the specific TV, but we always try to go the most efficient way using what is already in place. The first module was the Orders module, which replaced thousands of emails and phone calls a year between media agency staff and TV staff. Part of the work on this module included working with the competent people on the TV side to fine tune and clean up the process of taking orders for advertising airtime.

The second

module With the next module, we moved upstream in the ad time buying process and developed a module for the actual selling and closing of deals on an annual basis. This module has been the most complicated so far because the steps in the process leading to the final contract are many and very complex. At the same time, a lot of emphasis was placed on interfacing with other information systems to obtain and present the data needed for decision making and negotiating with TV clients.

Third and fourth module

With the third module, we worked out the process of selling the remaining advertising time. This process was handled in the form of a simple auction, where we allowed the TV stations to set different price conditions in order to sell advertising time as efficiently as possible. With the fourth module, we added sponsored messages to the portfolio of TV products on offer to cover the entire supply of advertising time that is broadcast on viewers' screens.

Projects for Minex Media have enabled us to penetrate the complex segment of television advertising sales and to technologically advance the processes in television through digitalization into the modern era

Project in numbers

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